We translate all kinds of documents thanks to a wide network of proficient exclusively mother tongue freelancers with specific skills in the required fields (technical, legal, SAP, etc.). We usually translate to and from main European languages, i.e. English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, however, we can translate all language combinations.


Proofreading, as part of the translation workflow or carried out to improve the quality of your existing documents, is an essential step when considering the importance of the image that an entire project documentation or a simple pamphlet portrays of your company. That is why we ensure the most accurate proofreading and revision of your material.


Very often clients have specific needs regarding the delivery format and the layout. Due to the translation, changes made to the length of the text often affect the layout of the document and additional work is needed to re-size and adjust graphics and page alignment as per the client’s specifications. If required, we can prepare files for professional high-resolution printing.


Localization is part of the process of your product globalization, in other words, the translation is carried out adapting it to the target market, as for software or local currencies.

Language Teaching

We can provide you with specific language training, helping you to offer your personnel the appropriate language skills necessary to complete their own specific tasks or more generally to communicate within the company or with your customers. Lessons are available in French, Italian and English. Together with us, you can organize personalized training sessions.


CAT and TMs

A Computer Assisted Tool is software that helps the translator to provide a consistent translation providing him or her with functionalities such as a spell and grammar checker, terminology managers, etc. and with Translation Memories (TMs). The translation memory is a tool consisting of a database of source and target segments that allow the translator to search for terms already translated within it. TMs can be provided by the customer (therefore with the terminology already validated) or created by the translator or translator team and/or server-based.

Quality Assurance

Once the translation work is concluded, Quality Assurance Tools allow the translator to perform a quality check based on the bilingual files. This control is a fundamental step to detect formal errors, omissions, inconsistencies, etc.

Human supervision

Naturally, all this technology will never replace the human translator proficiency and has to be considered as an optional tool. Only human accuracy can ensure the high-level quality of the translation. That is why TradAction is always looking for new professionals who are able to manage both technology and their own language skills in order to obtain the best results.


In order to ensure the best quality of our translations, the workflow is composed of various steps allowing us to check the quality throughout the process:

Project analysis and management

Depending on the type of request, we first select the appropriate translators and proofreaders in the case of a multilingual project or we verify the in-house translator availability in order to provide the client with a quotation and a delivery deadline. When the client gives the green light, files are prepared for translation according to terminology or specific instructions.

Translation core task

The translation work starts, using specific software and tools.

Quality check

Once the translation is concluded, files are checked according to country-specific rules. Terminology is double-checked and possible issues or comprehension problems are submitted to the client.

Then, the files are updated with corrections in accordance with the answers received.


At the end of the quality check of the formal errors, a second review is carried out by a proofreader to avoid possible translation errors or inconsistencies.


Should the client wish, files can be edited and prepared for further processing as printing or web publishing.


Guénaëlle Hardy

Owned by Guénaëlle Hardy, in-house translator, TradAction offers corporate high quality services with the help of experienced translators, proofreaders as well as graphic designers and teachers.

Over the years, always with customer satisfaction in mind, more than a million words have been translated.

The office is located in Venice, Italy.